Welcome to our Icelandic Horse Farm

The love affair begins…

Cross Circle Ranch – Fredrick & Nellie – Barton, Victor, Fredrick, Alex & Ray Ainley – Starting in the early 1900’s in Bengough, Saskatchewan, Canada our family was instrumental in bringing 100’s of green (un-trained) horses from the Southwestern and Central United States by horseback and rail to Canada in order to provide early settlers with sound horses of great character. The Ainley family of Melita, Manitoba imported the first Arabian stallion in Canada and used his bloodlines to improve the Get from the best mares.

We are continuing this tradition by only breeding the best Icelandic horses at Burchill Farm.

The Icelandic horse is a hardy four or five gaited horse. They have two extra gaits than the traditional horses we usually see in North America. These gaits are called Tolt and Pace. They allow the rider to glide along the trail in a smooth, comfortable, no-bounce motion. Combined with their quiet tractable temperaments, natural longevity (many horses reaching well into their thirties); this makes for a horse which will give you many, many, years of fabulous memories.

Join us in our love affair with the indomitable…daring Icelandic Horse🌹

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