Our boy Brimi

A few years ago we made the decision to purchase an Iceland Sheepdog puppy. It was a lengthy process. We had to apply to be put in the que for a puppy, give references, and promise to keep in contact and submit photos of our puppy monthly with the breeder for one year after purchase. We also had to complete an on-line puppy course which came with our hefty deposit.

Owning a pure bred dog was nothing new to us. We had owned Labrador retrievers for many years prior and were well aquainted with the levels of dog training and even showing one of our dogs in Obedience. If you have ever properly trained a dog from the start to finish, you will understand the commitment this takes. Luckily we had a fantastic mentor with Pat from Parkland Kennels, Stony Plain, Alberta.

In many ways training Brimi has been easier; not just because we are experienced but, also because these dogs (not un-like the Labrador) just want to make you happy. We can’t say enough about his character and willingness to please. His joyous attitude each and every day and his outright affinity to know how you feel and just be “there” for you.

In 2020, we turn the page literally and figuratively. Looking forward to our upcoming trip to Scandinavia and meeting our fellow Icelandic enthusiasts.

Some cute puppy pics –

Alert and ready for anything
First day home at the farm

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