Spring 2020

~ A happy little herd ~

We started out the year with so many plans; like most people, in January resolutions were made and a working schedule devised, then Covid-19 appeared on the scene in North America.

Being a smaller breeding farm, there are always challenges. Challenges getting our horses noticed and also working hand in hand with others to bring attention to the Icelandic breed in Canada.

Our family has many steadfast friends luckly. We feel thankful that at any time we can pick-up the phone and share important milestones; as well as, everyday trials and tribulations. That’s the beauty of having a well established niche farm with a stellar reputation; we connect easily with other like minded individuals who are aligned in values and vision.

Our hearts go out to all people suffering in every country. We pray for a quick resolution to this viral scourage and pray for the continued strength of our: world leaders & brave healthcare workers, first responders, essential service staff & long haul truckers who wake-up each and every day ready to help. “Look for the helpers”🙏

Doug & Lillian Burchill

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