Our Trainers

Why we chose this exceptional team of dedicated and talented trainers to take our horses to the “next level” and invariably to the top of their abilities.

Alfadans Equestrian Arts

Caeli Cavanagh is a certified instructor through Holar Universities Bachelor of Science in Riding and Riding Instructors program, making her a certified FT trainer in the Icelandic system as well as a FEIF Trainer Level 3 in the international system. In addition she is a Level 5 Coach in the Icelandic Sports Association (ISI). Caeli further has a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Dartmouth College, where she was a listed author on research articles concerning visual perception. She loves to wed horsemanship and psychology together to help her students find mental and physical balance. Caeli’s soft riding and training has earned her many Feather Prize distinctions, as well as high marks in Holar University’s Horsemanship and Instruction program, graduating first class with distinction. She has taught students from complete beginners to international competitors and loves to help each student to achieve their goals in a supportive environment as well as help each student become an independent problem solver and steward of their horse’s welfare. Her focus on using diverse methods in order to train the horses in both body and mind has earned her attention both in the United States, as well as abroad. Most recently she was invited by Horses of Iceland and FT to demonstrate Liberty Work at Landsmot in Reykjavik 2018 where she was also featured on several Icelandic news programs.

Alexandra Venable has been working with Icelandic Horses since 2000 and since then has worked for big names in the US and around the world starting at age 18. These accomplished trainers and instructors include Carrie Brandt and Terral Hill, Gudmar Petursson, and Laura Benson in the US, and champion trainers and breeders Eyrun Yr, Jessie Hujbers, and Omar Ingi Omarsson in Iceland. Alex has also had a successful competition record achieving the highest national ranking in both 2015 and 2016 in T4 (loose rein tolt competition). Her unique work in bridleless riding has earned her special recognition and a special relationship with her horses.

Caeli Cavanagh training Framför fra Arbakka, Lyle WA

*photo credit – Alexandra Venable