Our Horses

The search for the right stallion of any breed can be a lengthy process. In our case, many hours were spent analyzing bloodlines and progeny of existing Icelandic stallions in North America, Germany & Denmark; at the same time, researching the foundation bloodlines in Iceland. In April 2020, we found our beautiful Skuggi.

Skuggi (Shadow) frá Árbakka



F: Skógur frá Ytri-Skógum, born 2015
FF: Aron frá Strandahöfði, honorary prize
FM: Gná frá Ytri-Skógum, fourgait mare with 9 for tölt, trot, canter, form, character, 9,5 for slow tölt. Competition mare for many years, very famous in Iceland.
FMF: Orri frá Þúfu, honorary prize

M: Hekla frá Möðrufelli. Hekla is the last foal of the legendary:
MM: Ósk frá Brún, honorary prize. Brought great horses like Óður frá Brún, Höldur fra´Brún, Hljómur fra´Brún, all highly judged, honorary prize for offsprings, has brought many great horses.
MF: Dósent frá Brún, first prize.
Hekla has a full sister which has first prize.

Framför fra Arbakka


In 2018, we chose to import a beautiful grey mare from Iceland.

*photo credit – Hulda Gústafsdóttir

Hulda Gústafsdóttir of the Arbakka breeding farm in Hella, Iceland was kind enough to sell us her born and bred mare Framför. Framförs’ gaits are lovely. She shows effortless tolt. Indeed! Floating above the ground much to our pleasure, offering Piaffe at walk.

Enjoying the green grass of her new home
Framför is a natural mother – a gorgeous filly arrived July 31st, 2019