Glitnir Fra Burchill Farm


Glitnir is a very special young gelding who we feel is destined to be a wonderful addition to any family – certainly following in his Dam Kolfreyja fra Hestar’s (our personal riding horse) form to the letter. He loves people! His sire is the first prize stallion – Bragur fra Fitjamyri. His Dams’ sire is Hegri fra Skalakoti.

It’s our goal to produce calm and good minded horses – Glitnir does not disappoint! We have taken our time with him over the past four years, he has been exposed to and accepted without incident: all manner of farm equipment, ATV’S, bicycles, tarps, umbrellas, children, dogs, cats, chickens, moose, deer, elk, etc,. He has been tied fast for prolonged periods of time to instill patience. We have loaded him in and out of horse trailers with no issue. He is vaccinated & dewormed regularly each year. His dental work is up to date. His hooves are trimmed every 4 – 6 weeks. You will find that Glitnir has excellent character.

Beginning Feb 28th 2020, Glitnir has been in training with Alfadans Equestrian Arts in Washington, USA. He is confident under saddle and secure in all gaits, he is being ridden on trails with no issue. From our trainers reports he is an easy minded gelding and will suit a novice (with coaching) to experienced rider at this time. Videos available upon request.

Price – 12K CAN

Winter of 2020 with his mother Kolfreyja fra Hestar

Glitnir at Alfadans Equestrian Arts – May 22/2020*Photo credit Alexandra Venable